Email Marketing over Advertising

Email Send Results
So which one? Advertising to get in new customers which we all need. Or talking to your customers that you already have to make them raving fans, so they will give you referrals every single time the opportunity for them comes up. In fact do you even ask for referrals? (Just asking).

For me I have never advertised my business to new customers, it has always been about “Know Like and Trust”, meaning that customers have come to me for advise and then stayed.

Now I know you are an expert in your field, we just need to remind your current customers that you are. When did you last talk to them? When did you last jog there memory that you are still here. Only you know the answer to that!

Let me show you how talking to your customers every single week, is cheaper than paying for advertising.Email MKT
So email marketing prices with us start from £13.50 (depending on number of customers in list). You could do that is £13.50 in 30 minutes on Google Adwords. Don’t believe that I know of a publication that will see you an advert in a newspaper or magazine for that amount (but then you wouldn’t be able to track then results. Look all I’m saying is lets talk to your customers first on a regular bases then we can start the next step which would be a referral system with in your business.