EmailMKT Data Share

emailMKT Data Share

EmailMKT Data Share

Facts and figures for EmailMKT Data Share

On average for this customer over 17% opened each email that was sent to them every single month for the past year, so just reminding their customers that they are still out there. The customer is not a product selling website so the click troughs would have been for either a HTML version of the email or to follow them on social media or to get a last minute appointment using the app they have.

Personally we know having spoken to the customer that for the first time in the years that they have been running, it’s the first time that they have shown a profit in the business for that financial year.

Will they be carrying on the email campaigns, yes they have confirmed they will be carrying on the email campaigns to their customers on a monthly bases. They set the emails up from the template we created, we go in afterwards and tidy them up for them and add in any pictures that maybe need.

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